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Fine Food and Wellbeing an experiential journey for all the senses

“I have discovered that there is romance in food when romance has disappeared from everywhere else. And as long as my digestion holds out I will follow romance”

Ernest Hemingway



Excellent cuisine at an exceptional location
HAVANA is an idea that takes shape from the passions, fused together, of a single family: Cuisine, Culture, Design.
An excellent cuisine specializing in grilled meat and pizza in pala; served in an enchanting location, between the greenery of the garden and the soft lights of the lanterns hanging from the trees; inspired by the love for Hemingway and his pen which, in the mid-twentieth century, flowed fluidly narrating the Venetian landscapes that have so interested the work.
Havana is a culinary poem to read on a comfortable green leather sofa, placed in the cool shade of a maritime pine, while sipping a glass of wine that has the flavor of Veneto.


Quality gourmet experiences
HAVANA bases its thinking on the concepts of experience, research, territoriality and quality.
It takes expert hands to handle the meat over the fire, as well as to work the doughs of renowned flours. You need continuous research to create trendy dishes capable of stimulating the sensoriality, at 360 degrees, of those who taste them. It is important, as well as wise, to exploit and emphasize the territoriality of the products, especially when it comes to a generous region like Veneto. Finally, it is consistent to speak of quality, because when reality exceeds the customer’s expectation … the result can only live up to the label: “quality”, in fact.


Havana is that place you go for a "pizza on the go" ... but in the end you stay there all evening.
In addition to the goodness of the dishes, it is precisely the charming location, a former farmhouse in stone and brick, that conquers anyone who enters it: inside, a modern and welcoming design able to make the customer retrace some of Hemingway’s Venetian stages; outside, a garden in which to stroll and get lost, perfect for spending moments of joy and lightheartedness together with the people we love.
Because eating in company is an immense pleasure … but eating well, in company and in a stimulating place, is an experience that remains forever.


Via Baseleghe 2, Bibione (Venezia)
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