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The cuts of meat

Our dishes are prepared with Italian, German and Spanish pork; Italian cockerel; Italian (Piedmont), German and American beef. We cook each meat in the most appropriate way


Beef is better cooked at high temperatures, for example grilled, and to ensure an excellent result we use the best cuts: picanha, sliced steak, rib eye, all served with seasonal side dishes. For the rib eye we use Irish beef in 1kg portions and for the sliced steak over 200g of Piedmont beef.  The secret to a good picanha, rump steak, is in the cooking, only grilling it perfectly will render it tender and delicious. We prepare tasty hamburgers using plump meat with the right amount of fat to stop it from burning during cooking. For lovers of raw meat we prepare an exquisite steak tartare and hand tenderised Piedmont Fassone veal.


No self-respecting barbeque would be without pork! Chops, cutlets and ribs are used by our chefs to produce special dishes that make your mouth water!  We serve secreto Iberico, from a dark breed of pig with marbled meat and a full flavour, with which the most famous cured ham in the world is produced: El Jamón Iberico Pata Negra. The Bavarian frankfurters and Mangalica salami boards are always present in our kitchen: their unhurried growth in free range conditions makes our cured meats very special: cured ham, mortadella, salami and spalla cotta (cured shoulder).

Grilled Cockerel

Our Italian grilled cockerel is cooked on a spit and served with rustic potatoes.


At Havana Bibione we specialise in grilling meat. Our meat is cooked in a latest generation professional Josper oven, that cooks meat at very high temperatures in an enclosed chamber without ever coming into contact with the flame. Therefore the meat remains succulent without drying out or becoming boiled, perfectly roasted and forming a delicious crispy outer coating. The meat dishes arrive at the table perfectly cooked, tasty and healthy.

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