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Our mission is to make a really good pizza, that is why we began with the basic ingredient: the flour. We have chosen Italian wheat flour from the master millers for the traditional and gourmet pizzas that are prepared by our pizza cooks. High quality flours have been produced at the mill for over four generations, with respect for the raw materials and the milling tradition. Using prestigious flours, slowly ground, so that they maintain all of their starches and sensorial properties, means that we can obtain better dough and as a result pizzas that are delicious and easy to digest. At Havana, the dough is kneaded by expert hands until, smooth and homogenous, and then left to rest. The dough is left to prove slowly, without any rush.

Typesof dough

The pizzas at Havana are prepared with a large variety of flours, apart from the classic wheat. All the doughs keep their flavour and lightness after cooking. You can choose between wheat flours and gluten free alternatives.
Each flour will give the pizza a particular flavour and scent. Eating the classic “prosciutto and funghi” or the more exclusive “Marinella” with ricotta cheese and Cantabrian anchovies, gives the palate shades of different flavours. It is very difficult to find another place in the area with a wider choice than Havana in Bibione!

• Traditional pizza with type 0 wheat flour. This is the classic and most traditional, with an authentic flavour and always present at pizza restaurants.

• Pizza with multi cereal flour, actually a mix of cereals that give the pizza an original flavour and lends itself to bread, pizza and pasta.

Gluten-free pizza suitable for coeliacs.


Our pizza menu consists of at least 30 different varieties: classic, light, without mozzarella cheese, with buffalo mozzarella, gourmet pizzas with specialist ingredients and children's pizzas. We only use the finest ingredients for all the toppings.

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