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    RollsAll the goodness of bread

    Italians are very particular when it comes to bread, it isn’t an accident that fresh bread is part of Italy’s “national cultural heritage”.  On the Havana menu there is no shortage of filled rolls, club sandwiches and focaccias, which express our philosophy and the way we see food.  Each region in Italy boasts a long and proud tradition of bread-making: Tuscany, Puglia, Altamura; there isn’t a region in Italy that doesn’t take its particular bread to the table.  A filled bread roll is a meal in itself, and when it’s well made it is able to satisfy even the most ferocious of appetites!


    Firstly all the ingredients we use for our six rolls, as with all our cuisine, are first class, starting with the bread that is freshly baked in local bakeries.  Wholewheat, soft white milk bread, ciabatta, crusty casereccio and loaves, the importance is that it is good and fresh to enhance the filling.  For our fillings we have chosen to marry traditional ingredients with more unusual ones, we have very carefully combined them to offer unforgettable rolls.  We use full-flavoured cheese such as brie and scamorza, hamburgers made from select beef with fresh vegetables either raw or cooked such as the caramelised onion in the HEMINGWAY roll.  The Havana rolls express our willingness to experiment with a nod to tradition.  Here you can eat the classic HOTDOG with original German frankfurters or discover just how good authentic Wasabi dressing made from the Japanese wasabi root really is, with its perfumed and spicy flavour that we unite with an extraordinary tenderised veal in the BIBIONE roll.


    Whether you choose it with Turkey, a thin omelette, tasty pancetta, tomato and lettuce or the vegetarian version with seasonal grilled vegetables.  Our club sandwiches must be tried.


    Havana focaccias are wholewheat and filled with burrata cheese and thin and crispy juliennes of prosciutto or with delicious tenderised veal complemented by a yogurt salsa.

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